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So this evening when I was at work, a coworker recommended that I buy Lego Star Wars II. He bought it for the GameCube, and he said it was an amazing game. I decided to go for the PC version (Not owning a game console, after all), and it looked rather interesting.
About forty minutes ago, I tried to install it, and was promptly greeted with an error telling me a digital signature didn't match on the file. Slightly naive, I figured it was because the disc had been out in the cold for a few hours. I waited a couple minutes, but it still failed. After the third time, I was angry, so I went online to look to see if others had been afflicted with the same thing. Turns out they had - a very large amount of them. Still, I found a patch that claimed to fix it, so I downloaded it, ran it, and the game installed fine. A victory, right?
Wrong. As I went to play it, I hear the disc spin up for about a minute, and then I see a happy dialog telling me to insert the original disc rather than the backup. Needless to say, I'm beyond unimpressed. I have now had to send an analysis file top the genius' down at SecuROM so they can tell me how to get the game working. 
I tell you, the game had better be flippin' amazing, or I'm going to be ready to rip the paint off the walls..

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.