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offensive lineman Jamon Brown was part of a

A week ago Cheap Evan Engram Jersey , Los Angeles Rams team that was unbeaten and thinking Super Bowl. Now, he finds himself with the 1-7 New York Giants, a team amidst a second straight dismal season. That doesn’t seem to bother Brown, who was practically bubbly when he met with reporters Tuesday in the Giants’ locker room.“At the end of the day, you approach it all the same. Whether you’re 8-1, whether you’re 1-7, it doesn’t change your approach about anything,” Brown said. “You attack it the same is all I can say about that. We’re going to make sure we do everything we can to try to turn it around, and finish the season strong.”The Giants need the 6-foot-4, 340-pound fourth-year player to attack his new gig. With the right side of their offensive line in shambles, the Giants want him in their lineup as quickly as possible. Perhaps even Monday night against the San Francisco 49ers.“It’s a possibility,’ said coach Pat Shurmur. “Again, he’s only been here hours, it’s not even days yet, but what he’s done and how quickly he picks things up, there’s a chance he could be in there.“Certainly being here longer helps him, but we’ll try to structure it so he knows what he’s doing.”It’s been a whirlwind week for Brown. He was waived Tuesday and awarded to the Giants on Wednesday. He arrived Thursday and got his playbook. He’s been to Los Angeles and back one other time since.“It’s been crazy. You’re in LA n Tuesday, you fly to New York on Thursday. Obviously http://www.giantscheapshops.com/cheap-authentic-kareem-martin-jersey , it was the bye week. So, you fly back to LA, and then you come back on Sunday, and here we are,” Brown said. “One practice in it. I went back and forth twice, and then we’ll go back for San Fran (for Monday’s game). So, my frequent flyer miles are out the roof right now.”Brown has played in 41 NFL games with 30 starts. He has played every position except center, though guard is his primary spot. He started 16 games at right guard for the Rams in 2017, and whenever he is ready to play that is where he seems likely to slot in with the Giants.If and when Brown moves into the lineup, the question for the Giants will be who plays center next to him. John Greco started four games at center and played well there before moving to right guard two games ago to replace Patrick Omameh, with Stephen Pulley inserted at center.Tuesday, though, Shurmur just seemed happy to have added a player who could help an offensive line that has been a disappointment.“He’s a good looking guy and we’ve spent – what we’ve been allowed to do this weekend – time with him. He was here all day yesterday, and he’s picked things up fairly quickly. You saw he was out there already, and I think Hal (Hunter) and Ben (Wilkerson) have done a good job getting him up to speed. We’re going to try to get him in there as quickly as possible,” Shurmur said. “This guy started the whole season, had a little incident where he’s no longer starting, and we were thrilled he was available. He’s a big man B.J. Goodson Jersey , he’s athletic, and he certainly looks the part in some of the reps I saw today.”That “little incident” was a February 2017 traffic stop during which marijuana was found in his car. That led to a two-game suspension at the beginning of this season. When he returned from that, Brown found that Austin Blythe had taken his old job.Brown said he was “most definitely” blindsided when the Rams let him go.“I think anyone would be in a situation like that. It’s kind of the belly of the beast. At any given time, you can be in one place, and then the next day a new place,” Brown said. “Yes, it was shocking. I think it was shocking even to them for making that move, just based on the conversations I’ve had with some of the staff members in the organization. At the end of the day, the dream lives on. I have another opportunity right here in New York, and I’m going to make the most of it.”You kind of got to treat it like you do a game. When you have a bad play, you got to have the next-play mentality. That’s kind of how I’m approaching this one. I was with the Rams when I was with the Rams, now I’m with the Giants. Giants let’s go!Eli Manning says he’s “on good terms” with Odell Beckham Eli Manning has had 15 seasons of practice at putting out fires for the New York Giants, deflecting drama, smoothing things over when they got messy. So, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that when asked Monday about the Odell Beckham Jr. ESPN interview he deflected with humor.“I don’t watch Lil Wayne that much,” said Manning, claiming not to know exactly what Beckham said.“Coach handled the situation well,” Manning said. “I think Odell http://www.giantscheapshops.com/cheap-authentic-nate-solder-jersey , having him address the team, and setting the record straight from his point-of-view. I think that was smart and big by him to get in that situation and kind of own up to what was going on, and just kind of set the record straight so we can just avoid the distractions, avoid this and that, and just worry about playing football.”What about the idea that Beckham didn’t support the quarterback during the interview?“I’ve never had a receiver that doesn’t want that ball more, and doesn’t want the ball thrown to him down the field and scoring touchdowns. That’s part of handling that,” Manning said. “When you get a guy with social media and everything now, the ability you have to reach a crowd and express your opinions about everything on a whim, it can cause more drama. That’s just the world we’re living in and how you deal with it.”Manning said that he and Beckham are “always close, we’re tight, and we’re on good terms.” He added that in his mind the firestorm caused by the remarks is over.“Yeah, I think that was good just for the whole team to hear it. When you have new guys and young guys that don’t know him or not familiar with him, I think it was good just so other guys aren’t talking about it or worried about it, or trying to change how they pregame, we have to get more energy, this or that,” he said. “I think you kind of just end it and just move on and let’s worry about winning a football game.”